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About Take Action


Girl Scouts of all ages are engaging in making their communities a better place. Long time advocates for community action, Girl Scouts is at the forefront of the Service Learning movement and is working on a national level to develop Take Action resources and training for girls and adults. Girl Scouts of Colorado is a member of this pilot and currently working on girl-focused trainings. Through this training, girls and adults will learn how their skills, knowledge and passions for specific issues can be translated into projects, which make a lasting, positive change within their communities.


Project focus areas: These are just examples of some project focus areas. Remember, your project is your passion. Each listing has some identified sub-categories, but is not a complete list

  • Environmental Awareness and Action: Promoting environmental education, advocacy and action, by engaging the community to use resources wisely.
    • Air Quality: Creating no-idling zones, replacing toxic art supplies and cleansers, planting trees and adding indoor plants
    • Waste Management: Composting, recycling, implementing waste-free lunches, eliminating junk mail
    • Water: Installing rain barrels, monitoring local water bodies, installing low flow faucets and toilets
    • Energy: Turning off lights, unplugging electronics when not in use, changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs
    • Green Space: Creating green space, improving green space, integrating green space into school activities
  • Girl Power: Promoting a personal foundation for assertive self-expression, emotional intelligence, conflict management and critical thinking for success in leadership and life.
    • Social Pressures/Peer to Peer Education: Be yourself, self esteem workshops, personal safety
    • Animal Advocacy: Pet Care, spay or neutering education, wildlife safety
    • Community/Cultural Awareness Campaigns: tolerance workshop, history of community
    • Helping the Less Fortunate: homeless shelter, promoting a agency’s drive, learning about other countries poverty
  • Healthy Living: Focusing on physical, mental and emotional health activities and education
    • Obesity Education/Healthy Eating: be active workshop, healthy cooking
    • Relationships/Conflict Resolution: anti bully program,
    • Suicide/Abuse Prevention: say no to drugs campaign, self defense workshop
  • STEM: Projects focus on promoting science, technology, engineering and math careers and education.
    • Science: biology, chemistry, physics or life sciences
    • Technology: computers, graphic designing, website education
    • Engineering: architecture, structure building and renovation
    • Mathematics: financial literacy, money management skills.



Project Focus Areas

My Future:

Focusing on careers, school/vocations, finance, life planning, future goal setting.

My World:

Promoting advocacy, social justice, human rights, Power Up anti-bullying.

My Planet:

Focusing on the environment, ecology, climate change, science or outdoor education.

My Self:

Focusing on health, self-esteem, nutrition, personal empowerment or self-expression.


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Amount of money requested:
Describe what the money will be used for: Please be specific. For example, if the money will be used to purchase supplies, please list the different materials instead of writing "supplies":
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By mail or e-mail to:

Marty Lockhart
Girl Scouts of Colorado
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I get involved?
  2. When do I have to finish my project?
  3. How do I pay for this project?
  4. Do I have to be a registered Girl Scout to participate?
  5. Is there an age limit or a limit to the number of girls who can participate on one project?
  6. How do we track our progress?
  7. Why do I have to have a project advisor?
  8. Can more than one troop do a project together?
  9. Can my Forever Green project also be my Gold/Silver/Bronze Award project?
  10. Will I receive a badge or patch for participating?

1. How can I get involved?

It’s easy to get involved. Just follow the 4R’s

Research: Examine your community and identify an issue you would like to address. Then develop a project you can do to help address that issue and determine who can help. Remember you mapping process. (add link to handouts that will walk girls through the map process)

Register: Go to [Insert web address here], follow the online registration process and set up your project blog

Recruit: Talk to your friends and family about your project and get moving on making a difference.

Report: Return to your blog page frequently and report your success.


2. When do I have to finish my project?

All projects for the pilot must be completed and results reported by
April 30, 2011.

3. How do I pay for this project?

Girls may designate troop funds, request community in-kind donations or use personal funds for their projects. You may also request funding from the organization your project will be benefiting.

4. Do I have to be a registered Girl Scout to participate?

Some Forever Green activities are limited to registered Girl Scouts, but it only takes a minute to become a Girl Scout and get started right away. Also there will be a variety of opportunities open to the community, including events and projects. For more information, check out our available events or jump in and register as a Girl Scout.

5. Is there an age limit or a limit to the number of girls who can participate on one project?

Girl Scouts Take Action projects are open to all age levels. These projects will impact everyone and we want everyone to be a part of it. There is no limit to the number of girls who may participate. However, if your project is a collaboration of multiple troops and levels, please let us know.

6. How do we track our progress?

GSCO has a fantastic website, designed just for you. All registered projects will be given a blog page to record their progress and the impact they are making in their communities. Participants will be requested to provide monthly updates and track their impact through metric questions.

7. Why do I have to have a project advisor?

We want your project to be a major success. Part of that success is ensuring that the projects you do have the support of the community. The project advisor is a person who works with or for your community partner. This may be a volunteer or staff member with the organization. He/she will be able to provide support, guidance and assistance for your project. Plus, by involving them at the very beginning, you are working to see that your project is sustainable and continued. By connecting with your group at the beginning and recruiting a project advisor, you are ensuring your project’s success.

8. Can more than one troop do a project together?

There is power in numbers! We love for troops to work together on Take Action projects. It is a wonderful opportunity for older and younger girls to work together and to also create a larger impact. Remember to gather everyone’s thoughts and ideas, so it represents everyone!

9. Can my Forever Green project also be my Gold/Silver/Bronze Award project?

Absolutely! Be sure to follow the guidelines and prerequisites for your specific recognition and go for it!

10. Will I receive a badge or patch for participating?


Girls may earn additional Girl Scout recognitions related to their project topic area through extra activities. This may include badges or Journey requirements.